Transporting your car between Melbourne & Brisbane

November 11, 2021

Even though the idea of long drives across Australia can be appealing, it is probably more convenient to just pay to have it transported for you! Road trips are fun, but having your car transported is far easier – and while 18 hours doesn’t sound like too much, it might feel different when you’re behind the wheel for all that time!

Besides, your car may not have been designed for long distance journeys, and having it transported by a professional company will save on its wear and tear.

Australia is full of companies that can move your car for you, but it is still important to know how to go about having your car transported.

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Transporting your car from Melbourne to Sydney

November 11, 2021

There’s almost 900 miles between Melbourne and Sydney – not the longest gap between Australian cities, sure, but more than enough to be an annoying drive! The average time to drive between the two is about ten hours, but this doesn’t take into account any possible road works, or traffic jams, or weather incidents. All in all, it might be best to get a company to transport your car for you! 

How much will it cost me to transport my car from Melbourne to Sydney? 

The average price to transport a car from Melbourne to Sydney is $550. Cheaper options could be as low as $320, and more expensive choices almost $1000. 

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Transporting A Car Interstate: Perth to Melbourne

August 08, 2020

Looking for interstate car transport between Perth and Melbourne?

Whether you’re moving a priceless classic or an old bomb, we can help you do so quickly, safely, and affordably. 

We compare over 30 of Australia’s most trusted car transport providers to find you the perfect solution for Perth to Melbourne or Melbourne to Perth transportation. You’ll be able to select from a wide range of options that suit your budget and your needs. 

From quote to delivery, you’ll enjoy premium service every step of the way. 

To help you understand what’s involved in car transport between the two cities, here’s a quick guide. 

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The Costs of Transporting a Motorcycle Interstate in Australia

July 07, 2020

Whether you’re selling your motorcycle, moving home interstate, travelling, or attending a rally or a club event, National Car Movers can help you transport your motorcycle interstate without breaking the bank.  

Simply enter your details into your instant online quote generator and we will compare over 30 leading Australian motorcycle transport providers to find you the safest, most reliable solution for your budget.

You won’t need to worry about organising the logistics, protecting your bike from damage, or dealing with the stress because we take care of everything for you. This includes liaising with the providers to ensuring your motorcycle gets delivered quickly and safely.

Keep reading to find out how much it costs to transport a motorcycle within Australia safely. 

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July 07, 2020

It’s easier than ever to get a car transport quote. Avoid automatically choosing the cheapest option, even if you are on a tight budget. As much as we all love to save money, the lower prices may not provide the service you need. Try using an online quote generator. This will help you can get a general idea of the costs involved so you can start preparing.

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