Moving Car from Brisbane to Melbourne

NATIONAL CAR MOVERS uses advanced computing to plan the best time or cost-effective combination of carriers.

We’ll get your vehicle to and from Brisbane to Melbourne on time and on budget. This service can be door to door, depot to depot or a combination of both!

If you’re needing to move a car from Brisbane to Melbourne we can give you an instant quotation for this route, as it is one of our most highly run and major vehicle transport routes. If you are looking to move to another location across Australia, then we can assist with that, but we may need to calculate those costs if our database does not instantly give them to you.

Quotes to move car from from Brisbane to Melbourne this week

Service Vehicle Price Type
Depot to Depot
Depot to Door
Door to Depot
Door to Door
With Goods

Frequently Asked Questions about moving car from Brisbane to Melbourne

How do I book a car transport from Brisbane to Melbourne?

To make your booking you need: 

  • - Date
  • - Colour
  • - Rego or Vin (if unregistered) 
  • - Contact name and phone number for drop off at Brisbane and collection in Melbourne along with addresses if applicable. 

You can either make a booking online – click “Book now” in your Quote e-mail or give us a call to arrange the booking over the phone.

Can someone else pick up my car in Melbourne?

Yes, absolutely! Please send us the nominated person’s full name as in their licence and contact number. They will need to bring their licence when they come to pick up your car in the Melbourne depot.

How long does it take to move a car to Melbourne?

All transit times vary.  The further away your destination point is from main Melbourne depots, the longer it will take. We offer customised routes which may be able to cut transit times a lot. Please check your quote email or give us a call.

How do I know my car has arrived in Melbourne?

Follow a link in your booking confirmation email and enter your booking number to see where your car is at. Click a green button “Track my Car” to get up to date details. 

Depot to depot:

  • Melbourne's depot will give you a call
  • Depots in Brisbane and Melbourne are open Monday to Friday
  • Remember, your Quoted Transit Time is in business days

For door to door transport:

  • You will get a call from the driver 30-60 minutes prior to delivery.
Get an instant online quote or call us at 1300 396 099 to get your car moved from this city