Interstate Motorcycle Transport Services

If you need to transport your motorcycle interstate, National Car Movers can offer you a convenient, stress-free service at competitive prices.

We work directly with over 30 leading Australian transport providers, which gives us access to interstate depots, carriers and drivers. This allows us to find you the best deal to transport your bike safely, securely and efficiently.

Once you make the booking, we’ll take care of everything. We can even track the progress of your bike in transit so you will know when to expect its arrival. 

Whether you are relocating one bike or a fleet of bikes, we can help you with your interstate transport needs. 

Quotes and pricing to move Motorcycle Interstate

Motorcycles tend to be easier and cheaper to transport than other types of vehicles because they take up less space.

Your motorcycle transport quote will depend on a few variables, including the type of bike, the distance involved, and the speed of service required.

Distance Average quotes
Shorter distances (less than 1000km)
$180 – $300 AUD
Longer distances (more than 1000km)
(NOTE: the further the distance, the lower the price per km)
$350 – $700 AUD

What locations do you offer interstate transport for?

We can offer interstate transport across New South Wales and Victoria, as well as from all major suburbs and metropolitan areas in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Our most popular transport interstate routes are:

Perth to/from Sydney

Perth to/ from Melbourne

Brisbane to/ from Melbourne

What other vehicles can you transport?

There is no limit to the type of vehicle we can transport interstate: motorbikes, cars, boats, trailers, vans, 4WDs, caravans and even jet skis. You name it; we can transport it, no matter what make or model, size or weight.

As our specialised software compares the systems of the leading Australian transport carriers, we are able to provide you with a range of available services and routes for whichever vehicle you need to transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to transport Motorcycle interstate?

This depends on the final destination and the service that you need. When you get your quote, you can choose from the cheapest, fastest or the most convenient option.

If time is the most important factor, opt for our customised routes which may cut usual travel times but always allow for heavy traffic or bad weather, which are out of everyone’s control.

Do I get damage cover when my Motorcycle is being moved?

Yes, all quotes include full cover for any possible damage that may be caused during transportation.
In the case of any damage, it’s essential that you note this on delivery and let us know straight away so we can assist you with the repair as soon as possible.
Please see our terms and conditions in regards to exclusions and limitations.

What sized Motorcycles do you transport?

We can transport any type and size of motorcycle interstate safely and securely. This includes but is not limited to road bikes, sport bikes, dirt bikes, track bikes, quad bikes, trailers, scrambler motorbikes, touring motorbikes and adventure motorbikes.

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If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime by calling, emailing or leaving a comment in the enquiry box on our website.

We’re here and happy to help you transport your motorcycle interstate effortlessly and efficiently.