Interstate Car Transport: Should You Drive Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

A kangaroo standing on a remote, dusty road in the Australian outback, symbolizing the unexpected encounters and natural beauty experienced while transporting a car across Australian states. The image reflects the adventurous spirit of self-driving on long interstate routes, highlighting the unique wildlife and landscapes of Australia, relevant to the article 'Interstate Car Transport: Should You Drive Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

Deciding how to move your car across Australia can be daunting. Whether for work, adventure, or family reasons, choosing between driving yourself or hiring a professional car transport service is crucial. This guide offers detailed insights and expert advice on interstate car transport, aiming to simplify your decision.

Introduction To Moving A Car Interstate

Moving your car interstate involves considering distance, time, cost, and personal circumstances. Consequently, understanding the logistics, whether moving from Sydney to Adelaide or Melbourne to Brisbane, is essential. Each route presents unique challenges and experiences. For instance, the coastal drive from Melbourne to Brisbane offers stunning ocean views, while the Adelaide to Melbourne route showcases vineyards and national parks.

Process Of Transporting A Car Yourself

To transport a car yourself, first ensure your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Check the engine, brakes, and tyres. Plan your route using Google Maps. Consider scenic drives, like the Great Ocean Road, for a memorable experience. Additionally, pack emergency kits, including a spare tyre, water, and non-perishable snacks. Most importantly, familiarize yourself with Australia’s Road Rules.

Pros And Cons To Transporting A Car Yourself


  • Flexibility and Freedom: Tailor your journey with stops like Uluru or the Blue Mountains.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money compared to professional services.


  • Risk of Fatigue: Long drives can lead to fatigue, especially on routes like Perth to Adelaide.
  • Wear and Tear on Vehicle: Extensive driving accelerates wear, impacting the car’s longevity.

Process Of Using A Car Transport Service

Choosing a car transport service requires research. Firstly, compare providers on sites like Car Transport Express. Check their track record and customer reviews. Next, arrange a pick-up date and location. Ask about their transport methods – open-air or enclosed carriers. Furthermore, understand their insurance policy and prepare your car, removing valuables and personal items.

Pros And Cons To Hiring A Car Transport Service


  • Convenience: Ideal for busy schedules or long routes, like Darwin to Brisbane.
  • Safety: Professional handling reduces the risk of damage during transit.


  • Higher Cost: Generally more expensive, especially for cross-country moves.
  • Less Flexibility: You’re bound by the company’s schedule and routes.

Which Is The Best Way To Transport A Car?

The best way to transport your car depends on individual needs. For example, consider a professional service for long distances like Hobart to Perth. Alternatively, for shorter or more scenic routes, driving yourself can be rewarding. Think about factors like time availability, budget, and your comfort with long-distance driving.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Ultimately, decide based on your needs, budget, and schedule. Each option has unique advantages and challenges. For quick, customized car transport quotes, just Get an Instant Quote . This decision ensures a smooth transition to your new Australian home. Remember, whether you choose the adventure of the road or the convenience of a professional service, the journey of moving your car interstate is as significant as the destination.

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