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Choose from the cheapest, the fastest and the most convenient options for your car, boat, caravan or motorcycle.

We work with over 30 leading Australian carriers, like Prixcar, Ceva, Autocare and bring you the best price on the market. A true “one-stop-shop” – we take and process your booking with the carriers on your behalf.

As one of Australia’s most trusted vehicle transportation providers, we’ve moved over 100,000 cars to date. Whether you’re moving house, travelling interstate or managing a company fleet, National Car Movers offer customised transportation routes at the most competitive prices.

From processing your bookings to tracking your vehicle in transit, we’re a genuine one-stop-service. Rest easy and focus on what matters to you, while we dive into the details!

We offer:
> door-to-door and depot to depot delivery
> personal goods in car
> drivable and damaged car transport

Using our proprietary software, we build out several, customised transit routes that connect local depots, drivers and carriers. Rather than limiting you to only one provider or a predetermined route, we’re able to bring you maximum flexibility, without compromising on cost or convenience.

If you’re looking for the most affordable option, you can coordinate to meet your driver at a designated pick-up point.
Pressed for time? Choose to drop off your vehicle at the depot that’s located closest to you.

Get your car transport online quote today. It is instant and comes with several options. By giving you multiple quotes, we put the decision in your hands! Contrast, compare and choose the one that works best for you.

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We're Australia's best site to find you the most competitive car transport company to move your car

We'll move your running or non-running car, your boat, caravan or a motorcycle
We work with most car transport companies and take bookings on their behalf
We can provide you with transit protection for your car.

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Get your car transport online quote

We'll move your running or non-running car, your boat, caravan or a motorcycle.

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Flexible options to meet your needs. Pick your delivery mode, price and transit time.

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Popular car transport routes

  • Brisbane to Perth
  • Melbourne to Perth
  • Perth To Sydney
  • Darwin to Adelaide