Emptying Car Before Transport: Is It Necessary?

Discover key tips on preparing your car for interstate transport in Australia. Learn if emptying your car is necessary for a smooth move

Are you thinking about moving your car to a different state in Australia? A big question you might have is whether you should take everything out of your car before it gets moved. This is a good thing to think about whether you’re moving your car a long way, like from Perth to Brisbane, or a shorter distance, like Melbourne to Sydney.

How To Prepare Your Car For Interstate Transport With Personal Items

When you’re getting your car ready to be moved to another state, there’s more to think about than just checking if your car is okay to drive. You also need to decide what to do with your personal stuff inside the car. Most times, it’s best to take everything out of your car. But sometimes, the company moving your car might let you keep some things in the boot (the trunk). To know what’s usually allowed, check out this guide on car transport.

The Risks Involved In Interstate Car Transport With Personal Items In The Car

Leaving things in your car while it’s being moved can be risky. If something gets broken or lost, the company moving your car might not pay for it. Also, if there’s extra stuff in your car, it could make it heavier. This might make it cost more to move. Plus, things that aren’t tied down could move around inside your car. This can damage the inside of your car or even be unsafe.

The Benefits Of Car Transport With Personal Items

While there are risks to leaving things in your car, it can sometimes be helpful. Maybe you want to pack useful things like a first aid kit, some clothes, or a blanket. This can be really useful, especially if you’re moving a long way, like from Adelaide to Darwin. You could have some of your things as soon as you get there. Just make sure to check what the company moving your car says is okay to leave inside. This article gives some great tips on what might be okay to leave in your car.

More Tips for Preparing Your Car for Interstate Transport

When preparing your car for a big move, there are other things to think about too. Make sure your car is clean, both inside and out. This helps the movers see any scratches or dents that are already there. It’s also a good idea to take photos of your car from different angles. This way, if it gets scratched or dented during the move, you can show what it looked like before. Also, check your car battery and tyre pressure. The movers might need to drive your car a little bit, like onto and off of the truck. Check out this checklist for more tips on getting your car ready.

What To Do On The Day Of Transport

On the day your car is going to be moved, there are a few things you should do. Make sure you have all your paperwork ready, like your contract with the transport company and any insurance documents. Also, give your car one more check to make sure everything is as it should be. When the transport truck arrives, go over any last details with the driver. This might include things like what you’ve packed in the car, if you decided to leave anything in it.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Deciding whether to empty your car before moving it to another state in Australia can depend on a few things. Think about safety, what the transport company says, and whether it’s easier to have some of your stuff with you. Always talk to the company that’s moving your car to know their rules. If you get your car ready the right way, your move will go smoothly!

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