Moving to a new state is quite stressful business. You need to pack everything (that is, everything), find a moving team (a job in itself), and pray your stuff will arrive in one piece at your new home. But, wait. How will you get there? 

In the hassle of preparing and arranging an interstate move, people often forget about moving their vehicles. Or do they figure they’ll drive it themselves? Considering our wonderful Australian landscape, that sounds like a pretty good idea. And you’re probably thinking it’s the cheapest option. However, consider the following hidden costs of driving yourself before you decide:

1.     Wear and Tear.  All those kilometers of dust you’ll put behind you will definitely reduce the resale price of your car! And if your car is already a bit worn and torn, cross your fingers that the multi-day drive won’t cause serious mechanical problems. A car transport company would pick up your car from your old home and deliver it to your new address. The only mileage you’d add is the few meters it takes to drive on and off the truck.

2.     Food and Accommodation. If you’re driving interstate, chances are you won’t be able to cover the whole distance in one day. You’ll need to stop, rest, eat and sleep somewhere. Do you have family joining you? Well, you’ve just doubled or tripled your cost.

3.     Tolls roads. This point is self-explanatory. You can try to avoid tolls by using congested, bumpy roads, but that will only increase your fuel consumption.

4.     Time is money. Time might be not such an obvious cost, but you know what they say: time is precious. And of course, time is money! A transport company will save you so much time, money, and energy, which you can use elsewhere – why not get unpacked early and settle into your new home as soon as possible?

5.     Safety. You know what happens: you get tired, you lose focus, you distract yourself to stay awake. Driving long distances can be very dangerous. 

Truth to be told, arranging for your car to be transported is worth every cent. Let the shipping companies do the hard work while you warm your new home.