How does moving a car work in Australia

Our first-time customers often ask “How does relocating a car across Australia work”?

If you’re dropping it off to a depot, there will be a vehicle condition report done at the time, they will note down any marks or scratches and you’ll be able to sign this report. The same thing will happen with a door collection.

Once it then is at the depot, it will leave with the very next available carrier.

We recommend that you do charge your battery before you do transport the car. Reason for this is if at any point during the transport, the vehicle may come off or go back onto another carrier and will not start because of a flat battery, it will be considered a “non-runner” due to a flat battery and you are going to be up for extra costs.

The other thing to keep in mind is that we recommend having about a quarter of a tank of fuel in the vehicle. Once the vehicle then arrives at the destination, you will receive a call. You can then go and pick up the car or it will arrange for a door delivery if that’s the option you’ve paid for.