Can I pack the car with personal items?


Absolutely, you can. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Weight Limit: Typically, carriers permit up to 80 kilograms of personal items inside the car.
  2. Placement Restrictions: Ensure that the front seat, especially behind the driver’s seat foot compartment, remains clear. This precaution ensures that the driver can adjust the seat freely as required during the transportation process.
  3. Optimal Loading: We recommend utilizing the boot and the back seat for storage. The passenger seat can also be adjusted to its foremost position, allowing you to store items behind it. However, it’s essential that all items remain below the window level for visibility and safety reasons.
  4. Additional Costs: While you can pack personal items, some carriers might charge extra for this service.

Always ensure that personal items packed within the vehicle are securely placed to avoid any potential damage during transit.