Transporting your car from Melbourne to Sydney

transport car Perth To Melbourne

There’s almost 900 miles between Melbourne and Sydney – not the longest gap between Australian cities, sure, but more than enough to be an annoying drive! The average time to drive between the two is about ten hours, but this doesn’t take into account any possible road works, or traffic jams, or weather incidents. All in all, it might be best to get a company to transport your car for you! 

How much will it cost me to transport my car from Melbourne to Sydney? 

The average price to transport a car from Melbourne to Sydney is $550. Cheaper options could be as low as $320, and more expensive choices almost $1000. 

Just like when you use a transport company to take anything anywhere, the cost is determined by the type of vehicle – is it a sedan, or an SUV, or a pickup truck? Also, it is also taken into account whether the car is in a drivable condition, or if you would like it to be loaded full of your possessions before it is taken.

Also, how soon you need the vehicle moved will affect the price. The sooner you want it, the more you’ll have to pay! 

The price will additionally be affected by how the car is transported. If the vehicle is taken in an open carrier truck, it will be cheaper because your car will be open to the elements – if you don’t want to risk any damage to the paint, pay extra to have it taken in a closed carrier! 

Again, you can have your car collected from your home address, but this will also increase the price – in fact the price can go up by a lot if you live in an area which takes a long time to get to or is hard to find! 

How long will it take?

Depending on how much you’ve paid, your car can be delivered by most companies in eight business days. Just remember that sometimes things like the weather, roadworks, or traffic can’t be helped! Also, companies will be making multiple deliveries. 

Registering your vehicle in Sydney when it arrives.

There are big penalties for not registering your car with the New South Wales authorities. Your car will count as ‘unregistered’ and cause you to be fined even if it is just sitting at an address and you’re not driving it!

To register your car with the New South Wales authorities, you’ll need your proof of identity, the number plates from the other state, and proof of your registration entitlement. 

Your registration entitlement can be a proof of purchase, another certificate of registration, or a motor dealer sales contract.

To register your car, you must download the appropriate PDF form from the service center. Then you can visit a service centre to register your car with the state.