How vehicle ground clearance and modifications influence car shipping costs, and where to get the right quote

Shipping a modified, oversized, or lowered car is more complicated than shipping a normal car. (But who wants to be normal?) If you have a vehicle that falls into any of these three categories, you’ll need a customised quote – which is harder to find than you’d think. You’ll also want to you use a carrier you trust completely. 

First up, cars with low ground clearance (this is for sports car lovers)

You probably never thought you’d need to worry about ground clearance when planning auto shipping. How do you even measure ground clearance? Well, that part is simple. Grab some measuring tape, find the lowest point of your vehicle (maybe the exhaust, front bumper, or side skirts) and measure the distance to the ground. But, even if ground clearance is simple, it’s one of the most critical dimensions of your vehicle. 

What does it have to do with transporting your car? Turns out that measurement will determine whether your vehicle can go on a standard interstate transporter or a specialised truck with hydraulic lifts.

Most standard carrier trucks require your vehicle to have 15cm ground clearance. A car with any less will scrape the ground as it goes up the ramps and onto the truck. NCR can find quotes for carrier trucks that allow clearance as low as 8cm. 

Next up, modified vehicles

If your car has a super cool paint job, but no frame-modification, you’re in the clear. However, if you’ve made structural changes to the chassis or body of your car, you’ll need to include these details in your search for a carrier. You might want to refer to a state guide for legal car modifications if you’re shipping interstate.

The bad news: There are a lot of carriers that simply cannot accommodate modified vehicles. 

The good news: National Car Movers will eliminate these companies in the quoting stage, so you get a real, accurate quote. 

As we said before, it’s good to find a company and carrier you can trust, especially if you have rare, specific shipment needs. NCR works closely with all its carriers to ensure satisfaction and quality service. In other words, special treatment for that special car. 

To start, give us a call and submit the overall dimensions of your car. Be aware: if they exceed 5m x 1.9m x 2m, the car will take up more room on the transporter. As a result, shipping will cost more.